Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recycled Projects

I wanted to share a little recycling project I did a few weeks back.  One of my favorite types of coffee drinks are the Starbucks Frappachino that come in the little glass bottles. I always save the bottles and the container they come in because I figured there must be something crafty I can do with them. Well lo and behold, two projects came to mind. For the first one, I took the bottles and cleaned them out really well and removed the stickers from the front and back of the bottles. Then I took the caps and spray painted them white. Added a few decorations and viola...
Instant (well sort of instant with a little work) Valentine Teacher gifts.  They were a hit with all my son's teachers.

The second project was to make something from the carrier that the bottles come in. So I took some gesso and covered the entire thing.

Then I covered it in different types of cardstock paper and added embellishments to make....a craft caddy to hold all my markers, pens and important crafting tools.
This one I did in an English/British theme.

And this one in a pink and girly theme. I love how both of them turned out. So before you throw out those bottles and boxes, give them a new purpose. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I love your upcycled projects. Now I will never trash our bottles again. I love upcycling where I can...cheapest and most eco friendly way to craft I say:) My gosh Paula, you have a YT acct and Etsy...I have a tube acct that I'm afraid to use. LOL! I love your site!

  2. Awesome idea!! The bottle idea is so great!

    And my lucky duck daughter gets to go back to England in April !!!

  3. Thanks Kisha! LOL, yeah I do a little better keeping my YT account current..haha. You should use yours! Just jump right in. I would for sure watch your vids. =)

  4. Thanks Shana!! Now I'm double jealous that she gets to go back!!! How fun!